Adding holidays for new staff members

When you employ a new staff member and it is part way through the holiday year, they are only entitled to receive pro rata holiday, ie the number of days calculated from their start date until the end of the current holiday year.

Staff Squared does this calculation for you once you have put in their start date and it is calculated as follows:

Employee start date
Holiday period end date
Annual holiday allowance
Days employee could work in the period
Days employee will work in the period
Allowance says to earn per day worked
Allowance days earned

So if an employee starts with your company on 20 February and your holiday ends on 31 December, this is what the calculations will be on a 25 days per year holiday allowance:

You have the option to accept Staff Squared's calculation or choose Do not update and make a manual adjustment to the new employee as described in this Knowledge Base article

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