How do I set up Reminders for Important Deadlines or Anniversaries?

You can set reminders in Staff Squared to ensure that you are kept up to date with the things you need to know in a timely way such as:

  • contracts or employment ending
  • staff probations
  • work anniversaries
  • files expiring
  • forthcoming appraisals
If you use Slack you can also integrate Staff Squared with your Slack channels to get daily updates on your staff's availability. Find more information on how to do that here.

To set up your unique reminders, firstly go to your Settings and then click on Company Settings

Next to the title you wish to add the reminder to, click on Show

You can then set up as many reminders as you need by clicking on Add reminder

and you will then see a new dialog box where you can complete the details of your new reminder and click on Add reminder

Your notification will then be displayed in a list and if you no longer need that notification, just click on the red cross to delete it

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