How does booking a holiday work?

Staff members can submit a holiday request to their Admin/Manager/Holiday approver, or their Admin/Manager/Holiday approver can book a holiday on their behalf.

On their Profile a staff member can click on the Request a holiday button or Request a holiday under their holiday stats

which will take them to their calendar where a dialog box will appear.  If the holiday being booked is for a complete day, then if the Full day box is checked 1 day will be deducted from the holiday allowance. 

If it is only for half of a day, then the staff member needs to click on Half day and then the dropdown with AM or PM. Once they have chosen AM or PM the times will be updated according to their working pattern

Then click on Request holiday and the request will be sent to their Admin/Manager/Holiday approver for approval

Alternatively the staff member can just go to their calendar and click on the date they wish to book off.

If there are already other staff members off on the same day, the staff member will be notified at the time of booking, but they can still submit their request

The staff member will also be notified if they do not have sufficient holidays remaining to cover the request, but again they can still submit their request

If a staff member submits a request and they do not have sufficient holiday, or there are more employees off than the company allows, the Admin/Manager/Holiday approver will be notified of this when they approve/reject the holiday

A staff member's Admin/Manager/Holiday approver will receive an email with the holiday request which includes how much time off the staff member will have remaining once approved, who else is off and a warning of any holiday rules that the request has broken.  This allows the Admin/Manager/Holiday approver to make a decision around approving the request without logging in to Staff Squared

The Admin/Manager/Holiday approver will also get a notification on their Dashboard under their To do list until they Process the request.

Having to switch between the dashboard and the calendar to approve holidays was a pain, so now you don’t have to! You can see the pending absence in the calendar, and approve or reject it from within the pop out

Once booked and awaiting approval, the staff member can cancel their holiday request by clicking on the pending request in their calendar and clicking on the trash can to delete the request.  A new request will then have to be submitted.

Once a holiday request has been approved, a staff member can go to the calendar and click on the approved request and then edit the date of the request, and click on Edit holiday so long as the holiday request in the future.  Their Admin/Manager/Holiday approver will then receive a notice to approve the new request.

If the date is in the past, but the staff member did not actually take the day as holiday, only an Admin/Manager/Holiday approver will be able to edit or cancel the day's holiday.  They can do this by clicking on the staff member's holiday in their calendar and editing the date and clicking on Edit holiday, or deleting the holiday by clicking on the trash can

If a holiday is booked by an Admin/Manager/Holiday approver on a staff member's behalf it is automatically approved and will appear on the Holiday tab in the staff member's profile under Your upcoming holidays and they will also get a notification on their Dashboard under Company updates

When booking the holiday the Admin/Manager/Holiday approver will be notified if other members of staff are on holiday on the same date.

A staff member will receive an email notification telling them whether their holiday has been approved, rejected or booked on their behalf

If you do not want your staff members to have the ability to book in hours and minutes, then you can restrict their bookings.  See our Knowledge Base article on how to do this here

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