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How do I Submit a Holiday Request?

Navigate to My profile. Open the Holiday tab and click Request a holiday. This will take you to your company's Calendar and open a new dialog box, which will allow you to enter the details of the holiday request.

You can create a holiday using the following settings:

Full day(s): This will record the absence for the entire day(s) you have selected.
Half day: This will allow you to select an AM or PM slot for the day you have selected.
Set times: This will allow you to select specific times for the day you have selected (if this option is set in your company's settings)

Tick Include break time? if you want your booking to include the amount of time that you usually have as a break

NB: You will notice that an overview of the days/hours requested and the remaining holiday allowance for the staff member will display at the top of the dialog box. You will also see a warning if you do not have enough remaining holiday to cover the request.

When you are happy with the details entered, click Request holiday.

The holiday request will now appear in your company calendar and your line manager will receive a notification to approve or reject it. 

Alternative Navigation to Booking Holiday

Navigate directly to your company's Calendar, and click +add new. This will prompt the same dialog box to appear, which will allow you to enter the details of the holiday booking.

How Different Booking Types are Displayed

Once your holiday has been approved, it will appear differently in the calendar depending on the booking type or status.

Pending requests will appear like so:

Full day bookings are displayed in the calendar with a block green background.

Half day and Set time bookings are displayed in the calendar with no background and show the start time of the absence.

If your request has been rejected, it will be removed from the company calendar. 

When a holiday request has been approved or rejected, you will receive a dashboard notification and an email to notify you. 

Read about how to record a holiday as a manager or admin user here

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