Can I set users who are not an Admin or Direct Manager of a Staff Member as their Holiday Approver?

By default, direct line managers and all admin users receive holiday requests for their staff.

It is possible to define additional members of staff as holiday approvers, even if they are not managers or admins. 

To do so, first, navigate to your staff directory.

To start, you will need to add the user/s who you wish to assign as an approver to a new staff group.  

To do this, select the user/s by ticking next to their name.

When you are satisfied that you have included all desired approvers, name the new group and click + add to a group.

A notification will appear at the top of your screen to confirm that the user/s have been successfully added to the group.

Next, navigate to the profile of the staff member whose holiday you would like them to approve and head into the settings tab.

Scroll down the screen until you reach a section titled staff groups that can approve name's holiday.

Tick the staff group you have just made to allocate the required user/s as holiday approver/s.

The user/s in the group will then receive all holiday requests for that person moving forward. 

NB: Managers and Admin users will not be affected by this setting.

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