How do I set Holiday Allowance and Limits?

When you first sign up to Staff Squared and complete your CompanySettings

then click on the Holidays tab.  To add your holiday year start date just click on the calendar and choose the date

To set holiday limits for your staff, ie the maximum consecutive days they are allowed to take without their manager's permission, the maximum amount of employees allowed off at any one time, and the maximum amount of employees allowed off by department or by group, then click on Holiday limits and amend the amount in each box

When you create your working patterns for your staff, this is where you can add their Holiday allocation and their Holiday carryover - see our Knowledge Base article on creating Working patterns.

If you have already created a working pattern, but want to change a staff member's holiday allowance, then go to their profile page and click on their Settings tab.  Here you can change the amount of days they receive per holiday year

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