How do I set Holiday Allowance and Limits?

To set your company's holiday limits, navigate to your company settings.  

Click into your holiday tab

Within your holiday limits, you will be able to set the maximum consecutive holiday days and maximum absent staff

You can set limits for absences by departmentgroup and custom groups.

To expand these options, tick the boxes according to what you would like to limit absences by. 

Limiting absences by department or group will produce a list of each department or group and allow you to type number values into each textbox. 

Limiting absences by custom group will allow you to specify staff who cannot be off at the same time. 

Click + create group in order to specify which staff should not be off at the same time.

This will prompt a new dialog box to appear which will ask you to select staff. 

Click add grouping once you have selected all that apply. 

You can edit or delete existing custom groups under actions.

If a staff member requests holiday on a day that has been restricted by these limits, a warning message will appear when they are entering the request. They will still be able to create the request, but the holiday approver will receive a warning with their notification to inform them of the issue. 

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