How do goals work?

Okay, so you want to create a Goal for a staff member? Let's get started...

Introduction to Goals

In Staff Squared you can record goals against your employees.  This can be for any additional training/courses that they need to attend, or any deadlines that they have for current projects, or maybe the objectives that you have set them at their appraisal.

How to create a Goal

To create a goal click on the link Goals on your Dashboard and then click on Create a goal 

This will take you to a new page, Step 1 of 3, where you can make the goal public or private, add a name and a description to the goal and align it with Company Objectives, then click on Next

Note: If you are the creator of the goal you are able to view the goal regardless of the permissions that have been set

On Step 2 of 3 you add the contributors to the goal by clicking on their name or typing their name in the box.  If you want everyone to be included in the goal, just click on Everyone.  You can also click on I want to follow this goal so that I receive regular updates. Then click on Next

The people selected will then appear under Contributors

Step 3 of 3 will ask what results you are shooting for.  Here you can add tasks and dates for their completion and a Final goal due date - then click on Create Goal

Once completed, you will be taken to the new goal page where you can view the goal you have just created.  This page will show you whether the goal is public or private, the date created, who the contributors are, the goal tasks and the dates set to achieve the goal. At the bottom of the page you will see who created the goal

Your staff member will receive a notification on their Dashboard under Recent Activities. The staff member will also receive an email asking them to log in to their account to check out the details of the goal and post updates of their progress to their goal wall

You can also add notes and upload documents to each goal by clicking on Goals and then the name of the goal you want to add the note to

and then type your notes and upload your documents and click on Post update

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