Exporting Data from Staff Squared

Once you have entered all of your data and documents into Staff Squared it is very easy to export it out again.

Exporting Staff data from Staff Squared

To export staff data firstly click on Staff directory which will take you to a new page where you can click on Export staff

Once you click on Export an Excel spreadsheet will download

Exporting Files from Staff Squared

If you need to export your Documents, first of all click on Files on your Dashboard

This will take you to your Company files page where you will see a button saying Download all

This will download all of your Documents in Staff Squared to a zip file

Exporting Reports from Staff Squared

If you want to export your staff data from Staff Squared go to Reports on your Dashboard and then click on the name of the report you wish to view and export, ie Holiday, Sick leave etc.  You will note that there is a padlock against these reports, which means that only Admins are able to view the information

This will take you to Reports page where you can choose which report you would like to export by clicking on the download icon

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