What are Customer Referrals?

If you know someone who is searching for a new HR management system, you can refer them to Staff Squared HR and earn a £50 Amazon voucher as a thank you from us if they sign up*. We'll also offer them 50% off their first 3 months as an incentive to join the Staff Squared family! 

*Referred customers must create a trial account using your unique referral code, and upgrade to a paying account with at least 10 staff members to make you eligible for an Amazon voucher. If a company signs up with less than 10 employees, you will be rewarded should that company grow to at least 10 paying members in the future.

Our mission is to make HR smoother and more efficient for as many companies as possible, enabling them to do more of what they do well. Therefore, we reserve the right not to pay out rewards where we have reasonable grounds to believe that referrals are being abused. 

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