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How can I Report on Companies Added to my Partner Account?

You can now schedule and manually run reports for your companies directly from your partner portal. You can access these using the Reports section of the navigation bar.

Scheduled Reports

In the Scheduled section, you can see a list of all reports currently scheduled, the companies they are scheduled for and the time they will run.

You can schedule more reports by clicking Schedule new reports and completing all stages in the pop-up window.

You can also Edit and Delete reports using the Actions button to the right hand side of the report row.

Manual Reports

In the Manual section, you can see a list of all available reports that you can manually run. Clicking View will run the report for the companies in the Selected companies section.

Generated Reports

In the Generated section, you'll see a list of reports that have been previously run, as well as whether they were Scheduled or Manual, and when they were run.

You can also Download and Delete reports using the Actions button to the right hand side of the report row.  

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