How do I book time off using Other Absence Types?

You have the ability in Staff Squared to create Other absences and you are able to decide whether these absences are deducted from your staff's holiday allowance

Firstly, on your Dashboard  click on Calendar

Click on the date you want to add the absence to and a new dialog box will appear where you can choose Other

From the drop-down menu, you can select who the absence is for and then the absence type

If the absence is for a full day, leave the Full day? box checked.  If not, you can choose Half Day if it is only the morning or afternoon.  Then click on Create absence

If you want to be able to define the times for the absence, then click on Set times and amend the times via the clock and then you can then click on Create absence

If you do not want your staff to have the ability to book set times, ie hours and minutes, then you need to manage your holiday bookings.  To do this please see our Knowledge Base article here.  If you restrict your staff member's ability to book hours and minutes then they will not be able to choose Set times

If none of the absences listed in the drop-down are appropriate, you can add your own absence type by choosing Add new absence type

which will take you to your Calendar Settings

where you can click on the link Add a new absence type under Custom absence types

and a new dialog box will appear where you can enter the name of your new absence and also whether you want to Deduct from staff holiday allowance then click on Create absence type

You can see how to update Custom absences here

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