What is Pulse?

Pulse is an Employee Satisfaction survey. It uses a combination of the eNPS®   method and intelligent feedback analysis to measure how likely your staff would be to recommend your company as a good place to work, helping you to put efforts in place to improve on or maintain internal processes, procedures and your overall company culture.     

By simply setting out a few fast and simple rules in your Pulse space, you can send out an email to all employees on a regular basis asking them to take a moment to share their input on how well they feel you are doing.

The survey is completely anonymous, so your staff can be 100% honest without the worry of whether their feedback will have a negative fallback and will no doubt encourage a larger percentage of responses.

With minimal effort on your employees’ part, they can answer a simple default ‘on a scale of zero to ten’ question with just a couple of clicks. Each survey runs for 5 days, allowing enough time for optimum responses before the Pulse report shows a break down of your Promoters, Neutrals and Detractors.

Creating an eNPS® survey with Pulse allows you to stay ahead of the game with your staff to truly understand how they are feeling about the way things are going. Join us in an effort to create a happier and more engaged working environment.   

If you would like to learn more about eNPS®, why not head over to our blog for further information?  

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