Adding Private Files

You can upload Private Files to your staff member’s profiles that only Admins are able to view, but if you wish you also have the ability to be able to share the files with your staff member.

To do this, firstly click on Staff Directory then click on the member of staff you want to add the files to and click on the Files tab. Then click on Upload files - you will then be able to choose to retrieve the file from your Computer or Google Drive

You can then choose an expiry date for the file if you want a reminder when you would like to remove or update the document.  This is how you set your Reminders.   Check the box if you wish to share the file with the Employee, then click on Start upload

If you want to update the file or delete it, change or remove the expiry date, just click on the Cog  next to the file and a new dialog box will open - click on the Delete button if you wish to delete the document

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