How to add salaries

You can add staff salaries to their profiles which only Admins are able to update.

To do this firstly, you need to go to a staff member's profile by clicking on Staff and then choosing the staff member whose salary you wish to add

Click on their name and then click on their Job tab.  Scroll down and you will see their Salary then click on Show

You will then be able to see that staff member's data and add a new salary by clicking on Add salary


A new dialog box will pop up where you can add a salary, the frequency of pay, the currency and the date the new salary will start, then click on Add salary

The salary is then added to the staff member's profile, the daily cost of absence updated and also the percentage difference is calculated

You can set permissions around salaries.  If you click on the key you will see that the staff member is able to view their salary. 


If you do not want your staff to be able to view their salary, then go to your Company Settings

and click on the Permissions tab, and you can uncheck the box giving the staff permission to view

You can also run reports around your staff salaries by going to Reports and clicking on Salaries

and you will see the Salaries report for the current year.  You can filter the report by changing the Start and End Dates.  You can also download the report by clicking on the icon.

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