How do I Record a Lateness?

Navigate to your staff directory and locate the staff member you would like to record a lateness for.

NB: Alternatively, you can type their name into the search bar at the top of your screen. 

Once you are on the staff member's profile, navigate to their Lateness tab.

You will then see details of all past latenesses for that particular staff member. The blue box outlines the total number of times latework time lost due to latenesscost of lateness and most frequent days late.

To record a new lateness, click + Record Lateness.

This will prompt a new dialog box to appear which will allow you to enter a date, the time due to start work and time started work  as well as reason for the lateness. Once you are happy with the information you have entered, click Record Lateness.  

The new lateness will then appear in the list in date order. Click the excel icon to export this information to a spreadsheet. 

You can also run a report on your staff's lateness and the associated cost to your business. 

By default, only admin users and line managers can record lateness against an employee; however, you can give your staff permission to record this for themselves. To do this, navigate to your company settings and go into your permissions section. 

Under staff permissions, tick the option for staff can record their own lateness and view their lateness record to allow staff access and editing approval of this section of their profile. 

NB: Other staff users will not be able to access this tab on an employee's profile. 

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