How do I Add my Staff?

To add your staff to your account, click add your staff which is located in your admin only tasks on the right-hand side of your Dashboard.
You will then be presented with three options - Quick addAdd and onboard and Import.

Quick Add

To add one or two new starters quickly, use the Quick add option. 

Here, simply enter their email addressfirst namelast name and select their Working Pattern then click Add your staff. Untick Send invitation email to staff? if you want to send this at a later time. 

NB: Working patterns must be created before staff are added. 

Add and Onboard

To add staff individually, use the Add and Onboard option. This is useful when onboarding new starters. 

Enter their first namelast namework emailworking pattern and hire date and choose when you want to send their invitation email.

To choose or edit an existing onboarding checklist to assign to your staff member, turn on create onboarding tasks. These can be created and managed in the Onboarding section of your Company Settings.

To send your new starter an onboarding pack directly to their personal email address, turn on send staff member an onboarding pack. By doing this, you can inform them of their start date and time, and ask them to bring anything required for HR on their first day. 


If you would like to add multiple staff or import all their personal information in one go, you can download our template spreadsheet.

This will give you an example of how each field should be completed. Once you are happy that all the information you want to import is present in the spreadsheet, click choose file followed by Preview Import

To export current staff from Staff Squared, click Export your current staff.

NB: If you have filled any fields incorrectly, this will be flagged up when you click preview import. 

Once you have entered your staff, you will be directed to your organisation chart where you can assign managers to the new employees. Read more about how permissions work.

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