Starting a new timer

It's possible to start a timer from your dashboard, just click the Start timer button on the right hand side. Leaving the start time blank and clicking the Start Timer button on the pop up will start a new timer for the selected project with the start time set to now.

If you want to record your time by using the Timer, just go to your profile page and click on the More tab and then Timesheets

Click on Add Time

and a new dialog box will appear and you can choose the Project you wish to record the time against, add a description and then click on Start Timer.  The hand on the clock will then start to rotate so that you know your time is being recorded

When you have finished and want to stop the Timer, just click on the Stop button and the timer will stop and the amount of time you have worked on that project will be recorded

You can also view and stop your Timesheet Timer on your Dashboard

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