How do Permissions work and how do I set them?

There are 3 levels of permissions in Staff Squared - Admin, Manager and Staff

Admins can see all of the information for the whole company.  Managers can see the information of all of the staff beneath them.  Staff can only see their own information.  If you give any one of your staff members Admin rights, they will be able to see everyone's information.

There are various ways of setting up a staff member's manager.  If you have already created your staff, you can change your staff member's manager by going to your organisation chart.

Clicking on the cog will bring up a dialog box where you can add a manager to your staff member from the dropdown menu. You can also change their admin rights and add a job title. Once you have finished adding these details, click on Update .......'s details to save the information.

Alternatively you can go to a staff member's profile by clicking on your Staff Directory and then choosing the member of staff.

This will take you to their profile page. From here you can click on their Job tab to add or update their manager from the dropdown menu.

If you are an Admin you can give other staff member's Admin status, but this will give them permission to view all staff member's data.  Once you have allocated a manager to a staff member, that manager will only be able to see the information of the staff beneath them.

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