How do Goals Work?

You can record goals against your employees. This can be for any additional training/courses that they need to attend, deadlines that they have for current projects or maybe targets they were set during an appraisal. 

Navigate to your goals tab.

Click create a goal to add a new goal. 

Upon selecting to add a new goal, a new dialog box will appear. You will notice that this is step 1 of 3.

Step 1 details the visibility, name, description, company objectives and email reminder frequency of the new goal.

NB: If you are the creator of the goal you are able to view the goal regardless of its visibility.

Step 2 details the contributors of the goal. Select the individual staff members you want to assign to the new goal or choose everyone. Make sure you tick I want to follow this goal do I receive regular updates if you wish to get notifications. 

Click next.

Step 3 allows you to create tasks that need to be completed to achieve the new goal. You can create as many of these as needed and set a specific due date for each task individually.   

Once you have set the final goal due date, click create.

Once you have created the new goal, a new screen will appear. This shows your goal and all information, including tasks and due dates, associated with it. 

As you complete a task, you will need to tick it off. Doing so will move the progress to date bar along to display how far into completion the goal is. 

Your common tasks in the top right corner of the goal allow you to completeedit and delete your goal and edit tasks and their due dates.

The list of contributors will show you who is assigned to the goal. 

When a user is assigned a new goal, they will receive a dashboard notification and an email telling them to check out the details of the new goal and to take action. 

Add notes and upload files to your goal via the notes section located at the bottom of the screen. This wall can be printed at any time. 

When you are happy that your goal has been achieved, complete it by clicking complete goal in your common tasks.

This will prompt a new dialog box to appear which will ask you if you are sure you want to complete the goal as you will not be able to reopen it

Tick to confirm it has been completed successfully and click complete.

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