How do I Navigate my Staff Directory?

Your Staff Directory allows you to view all staff added to the system for your Staff Squared account. From here, you can view the staff member's profile by clicking on their name, add staff to groups, give thanks, as well as other admin tasks.

There are also a number of filtering options available for you here, to enable you to locate your staff quickly and efficiently.

Viewing your Staff

To view a list of all staff in your company, select All Staff.

To view a list of all admin users for your company account, select Admins.  

To view a list of all managers in your company, select Managers.

You can view all newly onboarded staff who have not yet verified their accounts by selecting Pending

Admin users can view all staff with a termination date by selecting Ex-staff.    

Filtering your Staff 

You can filter your staff even further by using the Viewing drop-down boxes located in the top right of your staff directory. 

When using any of the filtering tabs along the top of your staff directory, you can choose to view a specific Staff group and Office by selecting the relevant options from each drop-down.


Other Admin Tasks

Click the links below to find out more about the following:

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