How do I Update Existing Custom Absence Types?

Your Custom absences appear in a list in your Calendar Settings, and here you can edit or delete the absence, and also set whether they will be deducted from a holiday allowance.

To access these click on the Cog icon in the top right-hand corner of your Dashboard and choose Company Settings

Click on More and then the  Calendar tab

and then click on the Show button next to Custom absence types.  Here you will see a list of Custom absence types and have the ability to Add, Edit or Delete them and choose whether they are to be deducted from your staff holiday allowance.

To add a new custom absence click on Add new absence type

You will then see a new dialog box where you can add the name of the new absence, check the box if you want the custom absence to be deducted from your staff member's annual holiday allowance.  You can also add a maximum number of consecutive days per year that you will allow your staff to book for certain types of custom absence and the maximum number of instances of each absence allowed in one year

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