Admin/Manager: How to record a sickness

To record a staff member's sickness in Staff Squared, firstly you need to go to your Calendar and click on the date you wish to report the sickness absence

Here you can choose the member of staff, and if you uncheck the box All day, whether it is a morning or afternoon by changing the time, or whether the absence is ongoing by checking the box, request a self certificate by checking the box and also add some notes about the absence.  Once completed click on the Report sickness button. 

If you know that the sickness absence is only for the 1 day, do not check the Absence ongoing box

Once created, your staff member's name will appear in the calendar under the date of the first day of absence

If your staff member reports a sickness part way through the working day, then just go to your Calendar and then choose Set times and you will be able to put in the time that your staff member left the office on the first day of their sickness.  You can also check the Absence ongoing box if the you do not think the staff member will attend the following day

Your staff member will be notified that you have created their sickness absence on their behalf via email and on their To do on their Dashboard, asking them to confirm their return to work

You will also receive an Alert on your Dashboard where you can confirm the staff member's return to work

When your staff member returns to work, from your Dashboard click on Returned and a new screen will appear.  Here you can ensure that the date is correct for their return and click on Return to work.

The staff member will then be sent a request to complete a self certificate which will appear on their Dashboard under their To do list and they will also be sent an email

Once your staff member has completed their self certificate, you will receive a notice on your Dashboard under your To do list to confirm this and be asked to approve their sickness.  Click on Process request.

and a new dialog box will appear where you can add a comment about the sickness, Approve or Reject the sickness and then click on Respond to save

The self certificate is now stored on your staff member's profile page under the Sick tab where it can be viewed.  This is where you can also cancel the sick leave once it has been approved by clicking on the X

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