How do I set up Pulse?

Navigate to the Pulse tab on your navigation bar. 

You will be taken to an example report (if your company has already set Pulse up and received previous feedback from employees, this will show your actual data). 

Click update Pulse settings.

1. Set the date you would like to start your survey on.
2. Enter the name you would like to sign the email sent to your employees from. 
3. Select the frequency you would like the survey to be repeated. (monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly or custom).

Click save once you have entered your preferred settings. 

Things you need to know: 
  • Each survey runs for 5 days. Your results will be processed at the end of the 5 days and shown in your Pulse report
  • Once a survey has been run, you cannot run another survey in the same month. 
  • Any new employees added to the account after a survey has been started will not be included until the next survey is run.
  • Emails are only sent out between Monday and Friday. If you set up your survey to send after 9 am on a weekday, emails will be sent out the following day at 9 am. (If you set this up over a weekend, emails will be sent out on the following Monday at 9 am). 
If you would like to learn more about eNPS, why not head over to our blog for further information?  

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