How do Time Zones Affect the iCal Feed?

When you sign up to Staff Squared you are able to set the time zone for your office.  To do this firstly click on the Cog icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen and choose Company Profile

then click on the Office Name you wish to add the time zone to

here you will see a dialog box with Time Zone and a drop down menu where you can choose the appropriate time zone for your office

This will set the time for all of your staff at that office address.  That time zone is then used to offset the calendar events in the iCal feed.

Setting individual time zones

If some of your staff are located in different time zones, you can also set the time zone per person to override their office settings.

To do this, firstly click on Staff Directory and the name of the staff member whose time zone you wish to set then click on the Personal tab and then Show next to their time zone

You can then click on the dropdown and choose the appropriate Time Zone for that staff member

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