Can I see Probation Ends in the Calendar?

If your company includes a probation period in their contract of employment, then Staff Squared can ensure that you are aware of when that probation period is coming to an end.

You can decide how far ahead you want to be notified, and you will be sent an email reminder

If you do not want to receive these notifications, you can disable them.  To amend or disable the notifications simply go to your Company settings and click on the Reminders tab.  You will then see Probation periods.  This is where you can update the settings for your company.  
You can add reminders by clicking on Add reminder

a new dialog box will appear where you can add the new reminder 

You can also override your Company Settings around probation end dates by extending or ending a probation. 

If you need to extend a staff member's probation, you can click on Extend probation on your to do list

and a new dialog box will appear where you can add the new probation end date.

If you want to end a  probation, just click on End probation on the staff member's profile page

and you will see a new dialog box.  If you click on End probation you will see a dialog box where you can enter the probation end date

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