Tabs on staff member's profile page

This is an overview of the different tabs that you can find on a staff member's profile page and what information is stored there

Wall tab
You can upload comments and files to a staff member's Wall.

Personal tab
On the Personal tab you can add the staff member's public profile, and also their private profile, including address,next of kin and bank details.

Job tab
The Job tab will have the staff member's employment details, salary, bonuses and benefits

Holiday tab
The Holiday tab shows all of the staff member's pending, upcoming, taken and cancelled holiday.

Sick tab
The Sick tab gives you all the information about your staff member's sick leave and self-certificates

Lateness tab
The Lateness tab records all of your staff lateness and shows how much it is costing your company

HR Audit tab
On the HR Audit tab you can add notes about your staff member, which is useful if you need to store information around a disciplinary

Files tab
The Files tab is where you can store all of your staff member's documentation, ie contracts, appraisals, training certificates etc

Settings tab
A staff member's Settings tab is where you can change their annual holiday allowance and maximum holiday carryover

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Appraisals tab
This is where you are able to view all previous and schedule appraisals

Working patterns tab
On the working patterns tab you can view your staff member's current and past working patterns.  This is where you can change or remove their working pattern

Goals tab
If you have set up any goals for your staff this is where you can create and view goals you would like them to complete

Timesheets tab
The Timesheets tab is where staff can record time spent on projects

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