How do I Add Company Events to the Calendar?

If you have a forthcoming Company Event you can add it to your Staff Squared calendar.

Firstly, click on Calendar in the left hand column on your Dashboard

This will take you to your calendar where you need to click on the date on which you would like to add an event. A dialog box will then appear.

Here, you can invite staff to the event by clicking on Select more staff + and choosing individuals.  Alternatively, you can select Everyone to include all staff in the company.

In this dialog box, you can also add a title for the event, any notes, a start and end date, times and whether you wish to notify your staff via email.

You also have the option to create an event that is recurring.

To do this, click on the drop-down bar that says Doesn't repeat and select the pattern you would like the event to repeat in. 

You can create a custom pattern for your event to repeat on too. Simply select custom... and proceed to choose your repeat every settings that appear to the right of the dialog box.

Any staff members you add to the event will automatically get an email notification.

If you have ticked the box to Notify all staff via email about this new event, all staff will receive an email notification

The event will then appear in your calendar on the date chosen

When creating an event, you will be alerted to any conflicting absences where applicable; however, this will not stop you from booking the event.

If you want to edit or delete the event once added to the calendar, if you click on the Event a dialog box will appear where you can edit the event details or delete the event by clicking on the trash can

If you need to edit a recurring event, you will need to edit the original event booking. You can click on any event instance in this thread to edit - this will automatically redirect you back to the original booking. 

Adding reminders about the events created and making them private

When you are creating your events you can now ask Staff Squared to send you a reminder about the event and choose when the reminder will be sent and who it will be sent to. 

To do this just go to your calendar and choose Event.  Add the details as outlined above, and if you want a reminder sent, just click on Reminder Settings.  You can then choose when and who to remind and click on the Send reminders box.  You can also choose to make it a Private event so that only the staff added will be able to view the event in the Calendar.  Then just click on Create event.

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